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raw, gripping art

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This week I stumbled upon a video that was both unsettling and powerful. I think it is fair to call it music, though it is unlike anything I have heard before (note: I would never declare myself a music maven or on the cutting edge of developments in the music world). Raw, emotional, honest, Listener’s this piece was gripping. After watching the video a few times I downloaded the group’s most recent album and continue to listen, process and appreciate the art and ideas from Listener.

In addition to Wooden Heart, I have appreciated the feel and lyrics of “You Were a House on Fire.” Here are the lyrics to the second part of that piece from Listener’s site.

We all write songs about life, we just sing them different.
you sing the words but you don’t know the song.
and you expect us all to sing along? how selfish
the lengths that we go to, to put so much distance between us is staggering
you’re burning alive with stress and life
both hands in flames trying to hold the fire inside
drop and roll …repeat line for emphasis.
I’ll repeat it and repeat it until you believe it
you’re gonna be ok! say it to me…
the answer is still silence … I’ll take it as a maybe
I can’t decide if I should knock down your door or on it
say the word and I’ll take an axe to your heart or a pin prick
cut right through the dark, let it spill out the contents
on our knees sorting through the remnants
pour out your hate in my hands, I’ll let em slip through my fingers
and this is for you, and this is for the times that we only listen long enough to know the other person we’re talking to has the same opinions we do.
for when we’re burning inside, for when we’re trying to hide that fact
this is for the scalps that we went after, to be only the best dressed
to scrape another notch on our belts, add another feather to our headress
I want to be the bigger man for you, but I can’t take this truth

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prayer as creativity

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Creativity. Passion. Christ-centered. Prayer. Check it out…

ht: 24/7 prayer

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mission catalyzing principles

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This was the last talk that Michael Frost gave during our recent JetSet trip to Prague and Budapest. He gives several mission catalyzing principles. Christ focused, highly practical–good stuff. If you haven’t seen this piece yet, I encourage you to carve out 40 minutes and make it happen. Probably best to watch this with someone(s) with whom you are doing life.

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francis chan – weird obedience?

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Planning to start posting video Friday again. There has been some really good stuff put out lately. Will be linking to some of that in case some of you missed it and posting original video still from time to time.

First up is Francis Chan as he shares about how he is processing his call to be obedient and a challenge to us to figure out what is weird or normal in obedience in our generation. (Thanks to Rastis at Changefish for bringing it to my attention.)

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Coping through Mission

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Here is the latest video installment with Michael Frost as he gives an example of a way that people can build community by focusing on mission. His answer includes short-term mission trips. This is a follow-on to the previous video Mission Catalyzes Community and Worship.

Having some technical difficulties getting the normal format to upload correctly to YouTube, so this one is a lesser quality look. Hope to get this fixed before future videos go up.

Let me encourage you to register for email updates or add this site to your reader to learn about future videos and posts. Also, if you would like to view the previous Frost videos as well as other “favorite” videos that present ideas important to the church, you may visit or subscribe to the almost an M YouTube channel.

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