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Here are some of the more recent quotes from church leaders and consultants that have caused me to wonder if maybe there was a bit of confusion somewhere:

Shared with church leaders during a seminar:
“You need $100,000 to get into the game.”

This is a good time to launch with a core group “followed by public grand opening…”

One pastor to another regarding his church’s effectiveness at developing future preachers:
“I just beat you….”

And, finally, here is signage that is spread throughout a seminary campus:

This is the fourth post in this Say what? series. Some previous quotes and an image may be found here.

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signs of the times

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Here are some signs and billboards from churches in the central part of the U.S. observed recently. As usual, I present them here without comment.

– Like-ability–we have it.
– Want a change of heart? Come try us.
– Running low on faith? Step right in for a fill up.
– God deserves more than casual.

This is the third in this Say what? series. Previous quotes may be found starting here.

In addition to other quote entries, here is another recent post on the theme–Signs.

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Pithy Wisdom

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He didn’t come in the VIP door. He hugged so many before and stayed and talked and took pictures with people after. Though he has reasons to boast, he was humble…and wise. Here are some of Rick Warren’s quotes from this session:

“The more important your job, the more humble you must be.”

“Don’t take early losses seriously.”

“Don’t focus on attendance. Focus on attendance and discipleship.”

“You have got to get over the prima donna complex….For the anointing of God, you must build your life on integrity, humility, and generosity.”

“You don’t have to be perfect to have integrity, but you do have to be authentic.”

“What matters is do you love people.”

“We actually grow best and we grow fastest through models.”

“The lesson of the whale…. When you get to the top and you are ready to blow, that’s when they harpoon you.”

Thank you Rick!

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Velocity Quotes

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Here are a few quotes from presenters today at the churchplanters.com Velocity conference.

  1. “We have to assume now that all mission is cross-cultural.”  ~ Alan H
  2. “It’s not that the church has a mission, but the mission has a church.”  ~ Alan Hirsch
  3. (Speaking about planting churches,) “I’m not even sure what we are trying to do the world wants.”  ~ Shawn Lovejoy
  4. “If you do church to reach church, then you’ll reach somebody else’s Christians.”  ~ Hugh Halter
  5. “The [Christian story] is a peasant’s movement.”  ~ Hugh Halter
  6. “…community has to be the witness now.”  ~ Hugh Halter
  7. “You cannot sell a Christendom approach to a post-Christian world. They are anti-Christian.”  ~ Alan Hirsch
  8. “Go among the people. Don’t assume you know what church looks like.”  ~ Alan Hirsch
  9. “You plant the gospel. You don’t plant churches.”  ~ Alan Hirsch
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From time to time I will be posting some things I have heard or read from U.S. church and those related to it that may be worth a rethink. What are your thoughts?

Billboard ad for a church:
“Unlike any other church you have ever seen.”

Mega church pastor:
“Pray and ask God to do big things this weekend.”

Heard from multiple pastors:
It’s not the pastor’s job to win the lost. His role is to equip the believers.

“I don’t do lost people.”

(This is the second post of this type. See “Say what?” for more.)

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Say what?

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iStock_000008889668XSmallFrom time to time I will be posting some things I have heard or read from U.S. church that may be worth a rethink. What are your thoughts?

Billboard ad for a church:
“Times are changing…we are not.”

Sunday morning sermon:
“People don’t come to church on Sunday night because they are lazy.”

Tweet from pastor on Sunday morning:
“It’s showtime!”

Paraphrase from a sermon:
Maybe suffering in our context is being willing to teach a Bible study in the church and facing possible ridicule for not doing a good job.

Mega-church pastor interview:
“My greatest value to the organization is not what I do 9:00 to 5:00, Tuesday through Thursday…there’s value, but it’s not my greatest value. If I’m not ready on Sunday morning, regardless of what I’ve done the rest of the week, it doesn’t matter…. It took me a while to give myself permission to do that, but once I did, it’s just better. And every leader has to get there. The younger you are, the less flexibility you have to do that. You’ve just got to do some things you don’t want to do, there are just some things you have to do. But the quicker you can get into a pace of how God wired you–it’s just better.”

Tagline of church ad played on Christian radio station:
“(church name), a church you can believe in.”

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