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G2g: The Intro

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G2gFrom different backgrounds, a group of men came together as a band of brothers. One would be lost in the journey, but those that remained were tight. They had walked through so much together. The group had feasted together and been hungry together. Rejoiced and despaired together. Laughed together and fought with one another. There was a bond of communitas that drew the students close to each other. These 11 men had seen their Teacher respond to others in ways they had never even dreamed possible. Lives were transformed, families were saved, each man had changed so much because he had walked and lived with, as well as watched and loved Jesus–because the Teacher had first loved each of them.

It could not have been better. The disciples had seen their Master be violently crucified. At the time each had lost his faith and run in fear. But Jesus came back; He rose from the dead. And then He came to them and showed His love for them and challenged them to do as He had modeled over the past three years. As they lived their lives, they were to make disciples that would experience life and transformation. The model was Christ. Pointing others to their Lord was the call and blessing of the disciples–now the disciple-makers. This was great. Improvement simply would not be possible.

Since then, some have undertaken the task of improving the discipleship process. It was you and me, your church and mine. How? Where? Why? When? With whom? All points were open for discussion. Through innovation and change we have effectively been able to make this a good thing that has some effect. Though this good of ours was not His great, it was at least good.

Maybe good is enough. Maybe that’s all we really want. Maybe this is close enough to obedience in the area of making disciples.

(Over the next several weeks I will be posting a number of excerpts from my non-book. We will be examining some specific ways that we have and still abandon great to pursue good in the area of discipleship.)

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Great to Good

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In the midst of a windstorm this week in the beautiful state of Alaska, I had a brainstorm. For now, my plan is not to write this book…


While I do have a cover worked out just in case, I thought maybe I would make a few consecutive posts on this blog site with others spread over time that would be excerpts from this book I am not planning to write.

Disclaimer: Please note that there may be some similarities between the cover of this book and another book. If you stumble upon the other book, please note that I am a fan of said book by a Mr. Jim Collins. Any similarities or differences with said book cover are for the purpose of fun and communication. All original ideas in his book continue to be his while all ideas in the book I am not going to write are mine or somebody else’s and probably of very little interest to him.

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