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For some time now, in the digital realm, I have been Almost an M. And of course everyone intuitively knows this means that I am…well…almost an m. (The idea of being almost an M is fleshed out a bit in the first post on this blog–Shakespeare and Missiology.) But of late, a more conventional name has been of a bit more importance. So, my name in these parts is Wade Stephens. To help you with a visual image, I am also putting up a picture of me. Perhaps this picture makes me look a bit better than in real life. I think maybe it was the airbrushing that the cool kids often enjoy in the digital representation. So if it looks like I may have had a nip and a tuck, some follicle embellishment, and a quick tan in my bio pic, then I am busted. Just wanted to look my best for you.

Over the years, I have been on mission regardless of where in the world home was. I have spent a number of years living in Eastern Europe. I have even had a few stints both as missionary and/or tentmaker. Whether by design or accident, these lines have often been blurred. And I would contend that this has been a good thing for me. Learned a lot so far. And undoubtedly, I have lots more to learn.

At present and for the last several years, I have been networking and consulting in the U.S. with churches, organizations, companies, and individuals, while seeking to learn, grow, and influence others in obeying the Great Commission.

I have been happily married for more than 15 years to a wonderful woman that is an encouragement, blessing, inspiration, and partner in life. We have two (usually) bubbly daughters that are (always) a gift from God. Together, we live, love, and seek to be a blessing to those with whom we do life.