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Even with efforts to increase efficiency, the core team cannot keep up. The number of personnel required to meet the objective must increase by a sizable factor. If we, the body of Christ, are going to declare the reign of God, then it is essential that all members labor toward that end.

It is time for the church to bless and send out all of her people to live and share the good news that is the gospel. It is time for the professional clergy to empower and serve the worldly professionals that are going out into the highways and hedges daily. It is time for the stories of the laity to be featured center stage because they are profound in spurring one another on toward love and good deeds.

The church that sends herself out will inevitably look a lot like Jesus. The church that ’employs’ all of its’ members to live sent will end up changing the community. In turn, she will be changed into a more faithful representation of the bride of Christ.

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  1. Scott Wood says:

    Great challenge and so true what God shared through you.

    I have had a hard time getting this article out of my mind lately. I wonder if you have read it.


    Serving to make disciples of Jesus’!

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