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Happy New Year!

I have enjoyed a sabbatical from email, blogs and the like for the most part over the past weeks, but am slowly getting back into it. For 2012, I have been doing some reflecting, goal setting and prioritization. As a result of this, I am planning to write more. A LOT more. While that doesn’t necessarily mean more frequent blog posts, it does mean more candid. It also means that some other projects are receiving more attention. More on these in the future.

If you find these or future writings here helpful, feel free to add this to your RSS feed and/or recommend it to others. We don’t do a lot of self promotion around here. That’s probably not going to change a whole lot in this new year.

To help me ease back into the blogging thing, I thought it easy enough to put down my coffee long enough to post a look back at the top 10 posts here over the past 12 months. Please note that I promised this as easy, whether or not helpful is up to you. Some of these are mine and some are from my old friend, but new cohort here–Grady Bauer. I hope to see him around these parts over the next months a lot more. I’m sure he will be candid too.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for interacting. Thanks most of all for seeking to live life for His glory and the furtherance of His Kingdom! That’s what matters.

  1. launch this – a challenge that church planters face
  2. then and now – an amazing pic w/ history rhyming
  3. i collect bad wines – go Grady!
  4. response to Long’s piece – ideas on Southern Baptists, mission strategy, UUPGs & swarm theory
  5. who will speak into their narrative – call for missions to influence the church – go Grady!
  6. brewing conversation – umm, I’m not exactly sure
  7. humility and shame – another story
  8. simply UK – helpful for those interested in understanding the UK
  9. a glimpse of the missio Dei – several have and continue to ask for this image
  10. the story of a man and his country – this was a story that fascinated me

And again, a heart-felt Happy New Year!

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