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There is a percolating discussion on the blogosphere about the mission of the church with the release and subsequent reviews of What is the Mission of the Church? by Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert. I first learned about this from my compadres at UC and then this morning saw a pretty exhaustive list of those critiquing the book on Stetzer’s blog.

I wanted to add my 2 cents to the conversation. First, let me state the obligatory disclaimer that I have not read the book. So now for my critique…just kidding.

Second, I have decided that these discussions make me tired. Not because they are unimportant, on the contrary I think they are very important. Thinking through why these discussions make me tired, I thought maybe it was because the debate wasn’t done over a cup of coffee. Then I dismissed this as I took a sip of my coffee and still didn’t feel the conversation to be any brighter. Then I realized it tires me because it is not done with visible eyeballs. There is something about sitting around the table or campfire or wherever and drinking a cup of coffee or tea or whatever and talking about how these things impact our lives. So, carry on the discussion, I just wish it could happen with some of my buddies where theological discussions happen best: in person, in community.

Still, I do have something I would like to offer to the conversation. Here’s a clip with Frost’s take on the purpose of the church. This seems important as Gombis states that he is “not sure that the authors are familiar with the viewpoints of missional Christians.” Consider this guy as one of the voices among the missional tribe(s).

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  1. Scott Wood says:

    It is amazing to me that this is still such a disputed topic. Do we need to go any farther than James 2? Just one example of the both-and of the issue.

  2. Scott Wood says:

    I also agree that it is a lot more fun and valuable to chew on this stuff with trusted friends, some hot beverages, the Word, the Holy Spirit and a passion to seek the truth.

  3. almost an M says:

    Yeah Scott, I’ll take a soy latte. Though I have had good chats over bad coffee as well as strong tea, warm water, etc. Also, it always seems to help put things in perspective when we chat these things in the place where one of our conversationalists is seeking to live this out.

    OK – started to write the above thoughts and then thought–that’s what Upstream’s JetSet trips are. So here is a previously unintended, but now shameless plug for readers that are church leaders to do a JetSet trip with us next year – http://jetset.theupstreamcollective.org/

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