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It seemed like it would be enjoyable just a few days ago. You know it had been such a good ride up until then. I thought maybe just one more time would be fun. Just a little bit more suspense. An extra helping of drama. Well, after last night I think maybe not. Too late though. Instead of finishing the series in 6 games, now the Rangers press on for game 7. Now there will be no Wild Wings’ extension. All one hundred sixty-whatever games now come down to this one. Come on guys, time to finish it. Time for the drama to be over. And just in case you don’t know this story and haven’t cared about the Series, check out MVP Josh Hamilton’s story here. (If you are wanting to watch the game, but your spouse is not so into that kind of thing, show this story and work for relational buy-in fast so maybe you can have date night over 9 innings. Be careful though, this creating interest strategy often works.)

One side note, I will be doing this last one at a high-school football game with ear phones inserted. Family commitments. Yes, tonight I am that guy that is here and there. If it gets too close, someone may have to phone in the result of the football game.

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