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glimpses of beauty


This past week I had the privilege of being at a children’s camp sharing about mission and enjoying time with my family. While away, there were several delightful things that I saw as beautiful. Thought I would share a few here.

  • nature – The handiwork of God. Breath-taking. Enough said.
  • children – I loved being able to hear stories and see the energy and enthusiasm of so many youngsters. It was infections.
  • faith – While this goes back to kiddos also, it was beautiful to see the purity of child-like faith.
  • family – It was so good to spend time with my family and create some new memories. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching my kids interact with other kids and adults. (Thanks to all of those that cared deeply about my kids!) I was reminded that they are growing up in so many ways. Finally on the family note, it was also a blessing to see other families that are seeking to walk with God.
  • sacrifice – Those who shared their lives as sponsors and cooks, leaders and administrators were giving their time for others. These were beautiful expressions of service and love.
  • friendship – This week was also a week to reconnect with some who have been instrumental in my life. Thanks so much to them! This was a blessing and our time together last week as well as over the years was, for me, a glimpse into the goodness of God.
  • God – Sharing with others about the missionary God that calls us to be a missionary people and in turn requires the church to be a missionary church was, as usual, helpful for me in reflecting on how beautiful is the plan He made. How beautiful what He has called us to be about.
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