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Rick Elias was a passenger on US Airways flight 1549 which crashed into the Hudson river.  He recently spoke at a TED talk and shared some life changing things that happened in coming so close to death and then having another chance.  One of the things he took away from the event is that he would collect bad wines.  In other words he was tired of collecting wines for some future event. He said from now on…”if the wine is ready and the person is there I’m opening it.”

Our lives can change in a moment…an accident can happen, a person can move, a country can enter a revolution, a job can be lost….and we can find ourselves with a good “wine” and no one to share it with.  Or even worse we can leave the good wine behind and no one will ever enjoy it.  So enough waiting.  We can all make excuses for why we wait to share, for why we wait to love, for why we wait to connect. But life can change in a moment…and we may lose the chance. None of us will face our final moments and wish we’d followed more rules, obeyed more policies.  None of us will wish we had been more fearful….but we will regret not taking risks, we will regret not being the husband, father, son, daughter, wife, follower, leader, friend that we could have been.

What would happen to our families…our churches…our teams…our cities if we would start collecting bad wines…because we’re constantly sharing the best we have with everyone we meet?

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  1. almost says:

    Grady – thanks for posting this. This is a great talk and a very helpful principle for us in doing life and making disciples. I would offer that this perspective fits more with the Middle Eastern culture that Christ lived in and modeled than it does our practical U.S. mentality.

  2. Tim says:

    Great post. Loved this TED video. Very moving.

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