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It was a glorious night at the furthest corner of a sprawling, underground restaurant / pub. In this bunker, we shared our stories, laughed with and perhaps a few times at each other, and had a couple Czech guys tell what the Lord has done and is doing in their lives. (Audio of the stories will be posting soon at the Upstream site.) If for no other reason than this night, the trip was a personal gain–an enriching time. All the while though, something dreadful was taking place. It was something none of us could see, but it was among us and impacting our lives both that night and, undoubtedly, for the rest of our trip.

Each of us as we put on whatever we deem sleeping attire (though I am not certain I wonder if Frost was wearing his white satin nightgown that he finds so inspiring), it hit us. Now woven into our clothes was “the stink”. Not only was it now part of our clothes it had been baked onto our skin and saturated our hair–not exactly a problem for all of us. Tossing the clothes aside and scrubbing well, I thought it was all over–we had conquered. That was until I repacked my stuff to head for the train this morning. Folding up a shirt it hit me again. The reek of the stink is pervasive.

So now with my shirt and jeans laden with the stink packed in a closed case with my clean clothes, I am afraid that the stink will have multiplied and nested in each fiber by the time we open our bags. I’m afraid we will be living with the stink for the rest of our time. Of course it’s not such a big deal to stink if everyone else around you does also, but then again maybe we can try to have an upcoming missional conversation in a laundromat.

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  1. kristin says:

    Enjoying your post…but what was the stink???

  2. almost says:

    That has been the source of more than a little debate. My best guess is a combination of old lard used for frying, body odor and a bit of a musty smell. It was strange as none of us were put off by an odor while inside, but after it was rank. One of our guys shared this morning that it is now just a faint reminder after 4 days of airing out.

  3. Jason Duskin says:

    It could perhaps be God teaching us a great lesson in something that is uncomfortable and afterwards a bit comical. Although, I wasn’t on the trip I have been overseas to Russia. It is without fail that every time I’m on one of these trips that God teaches me something profound through something that is so simple. That stench will remain with you for the rest of your life, if you ever smell it again you will hasten back to the day that you dealt with it. As I sat yesterday (Easter) and pondered the work of God in my own life I was thankful for the one who poured out His blood for me and defeated death. I am thankful that we no longer have to deal with the stench of sin and that according to Ephesians 2:1-10 I am no longer an object of God’s wrath but a trophy of His grace. I was once stench soaked but now I am blood bought. Thanks for posting and keeping us updated on all things M. Love you bro and look forward to kicking it with you at Global City St. Petersburg.

  4. almost says:

    Thanks for the comment Jason. I appreciate all you are doing in the sister cities–both St. Petes! Yes, I look forward to being together with you and BM in September.

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