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reJADED is finally here


Last year’s JADED conference–yada, yada, yadawas such a success, that 2Good2BeTru Productions is thrilled to announce the 2011 theme of this year’s reJADED conference–turning the tables. This year’s exciting event will feature those that never have a chance to share from the front, the vendors. Each keynote and breakout session will be led by leading vendors in different areas as they educate on trends and provide insight on opportunities to meet the core needs of today’s church and its leaders. Some of the key presenters and their mottos include:

  • Bam! Media – Helping to make the medium the message.
  • Twitter Salt – We have enough creativity for both of us.
  • Mighty Escort – Enabling tomorrow’s big deal to step it up by a day.
  • Holy Stix – We rock your worship!
  • Projecting Right – Helping the church look like a church should look in today’s world.
  • Inspired by Mike – Leaders in creating the right environment, atmosphere and systems for working with children.
  • Top Flite Search – Finding the candidate that’s a cut above to take your organization to the next level.
  • Book Junket – Turning each “significant” thought into a weighty book.

As the conference progresses throughout the day, there will be an updated post to share some of the key points of these keynote presenters. Be sure to check back to be enriched with what they have to share. Also, be looking for quotes from the event on Twitter as the #jaded conversation continues.

Finally, please note that 2Good2BeTru Productions¬†is passionate about clean water for those in need, we are glad to announce that all of this year’s proceeds and donations will go to drilling a new well. This well will enable others to have clean water at our new Augusta, Georgia offices and conference center. We are very excited that the water for next year’s conference will be potable.

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