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what are you waiting for?


At first it sounded so noble…”I spend 2-3 hours with God every morning.”  Then he said “And every afternoon I read a Christian book for 2-3 hours”….and then he hit the home run….”And at night I get in another 1-2 hours with God.”  Sounds like a good missionary to me….but then more came out.  He had time to do all of this because he had nothing else to do.  You see he had been sitting on the field for over a year literally doing nothing.  Why?  Because his boss created his platform…it wasn’t working and so he was waiting.  What was he waiting for?  Even he couldn’t answer the question.

What are you waiting for?  Permission?  Acceptance? Skills? Being comfortable? A book deal? Record deal? A new title or position?  I say…screw the reasons and go for it.  If what you’re doing isn’t working…then change it.  If your dream seems impossible…make it possible…start moving towards it. Whether we’re missionaries on the field or business people in the US we can do more than wait. Amanda Hocking isn’t waiting, and she’s making millions writing books without a publisher.

Sometimes it just takes a few moments to get unstuck from the moment.  The guy in the first paragraph took about 5 minutes.  We sat and talked, he finally shared his frustration and also his dreams.  And I gave him permission…he doesn’t work for me…or even in my part of Europe…but he’s not waiting anymore.  What’s your dream?  Do you have an idea?  A ministry you want to try?  What are you waiting for?

:::remember me…Grady Bauer?  I’ve left my home over at Missional Space and am now writing with my good friend and fellow sarcastic saint AlmostM.  Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. almost says:

    Thanks for the post Grady. Until you have a more fitting welcome, would like to say glad you are here in this corner of the internet. Pardon the dust bunnies.

  2. kelly says:

    very encouraging

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