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With the terrible earthquake, tsunami and now the ongoing aftershocks, many are beginning to look at ways to participate in helping the Japanese people. Praying for them is significant, but our call is one of both prayer for and acts of kindness toward the people as we seek to feed the hungry, cloth the naked or help in whatever way is needed.

While there are a number of good organizations out there providing humanitarian relief, I thought I would mention one in particular as many are not aware of the group. BGR is Baptist Global Response. While their logo may need some work, the good that they do is noteworthy and something in which others may want to participate. If your family or your church are looking for credible organizations that get donations to areas of need and provide avenues for people to lend a helping hand, this is definitely one worth considering. I know several of their board members and leaders and can vouch that these are solid guys.

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  1. i feel for the japanese people…but the folks freaking out on the west coast are being silly

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