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launch of themissionbook.com


Last week The Upstream Collective launched themissionbook.com–a new resource for so much that is mission. It was my privilege to help brainstorm a bit of what this resource could be as we were throwing around ideas for the development of a piece to advance the conversation of missions. The idea we dreamed up and the tool that was born did not match up exactly, but maybe that is a good thing. As collaborators, we are so pleased with what did come out as the still-in-development product. Sure there are still some web tweaks being done to the site (I was told it was done with j-query for any tech geeks out there that care about that stuff) but most importantly it’s a place to join the conversation.

Share your one-page contribution. Comment on the voices that are out there. Feel free to share things you agree or even disagree with via Facebook or Twitter. As a tool for furthering the conversation of missions, we feel this one has all the potential to do just that and it has already started. Having you participate in the exploration and discussion could very well make it a more meaningful conversation.

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