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leadership in the North Africa and Middle East region


Congratulations to the people of Egypt! It must feel like a new era of opportunity and hope. Both for you and others in the region including the peoples of Bahrain, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, etc., I pray for the very best for you. In this period of social unrest may you find peace, hope and truth.

A combination of inflationary food prices, decades of me-oriented leadership and social media innovations that are going mainstream make for a powerful convergence that impact the political, economic and social balance of a country and far beyond. While only one of these three factors can be significantly influenced, the leadership element demands attention. These events call for humility, integrity and trust among leaders and the people they represent. Chicanery and lies at this juncture, could cause outcomes that are far worse than the history they follow. Today is the time for leaders to embrace the golden rule. This is the era for those that would truly lead to “consider others better than [themselves].”

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