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Over the past months I have spoken with a number of people that are looking to go on mission, advance a church plant or do some humanitarian effort. Many times a primary sticking point is the funding aspect. I am convinced that there are large numbers of people that are eager to invest their lives in a greater cause if only they can pay the bills. In my mind, this presents a number of options including fundraising, doing business as mission (now being referred to by some as business for transformation) and/or pursuing missional living in an existing or future employment opportunity.

With increased interest in finding ways to do what one feels called to, new funding approaches will be essential. In doing this, I believe it will be helpful for individuals and organizations to look for incremental sources of money. This approach would allow for raising a portion of the funds in conjunction with finding other income sources. For example, a person could raise 50% of their funding, take a part-time job that supplies another 40%, and then have investment income fulfilling the remaining 10%. This incremental approach minimizes risk to some extent in that if one source of funding is impacted, still others remain. This means future disruptions are less impacting and easier to overcome. (Of course it is important to remember that this journey remains a faith-walk with tremendous risk that is best placed in the hands of the Faithful One.)

One tool that is just now coming on-line that already has buy-in from a number of very well-known mission leaders is Moolala.com. Similar to some other social network buying sites, this opportunity is unique in that for every purchase someone in your “paymatrix” network makes, you and/or your non-profit can generate 2% of income. With this going out to four levels beyond yourself, there is significant potential to generate a sizable paymatrix network with those that choose to work this approach. For example, if a person were to get 1000 people in their paymatrix, and each of these were to spend $50 per month purchasing deals that they would have already bought at greatly reduced prices, then the monthly incremental income would be $1000.

This is not AmWay as you are not selling anything. However, friends and family would likely be open to saving money especially if in doing so they can help advance your effort to go on mission and/or plant a church. This incremental approach may deserve serious effort especially while this is in its infancy stage in order to generate residual incremental income by encouraging your network to be a part of your paymatrix. If they generate a paymatrix and choose to donate the funds they make from that to your benefit, then all the better. (smile)

If you poke around on the site you will see that there are not any daily deals available right now. These are expected to be going up in the next 30 to 45 days. Now would be an ideal time to let your network become a part of your paymatrix so that when deals do start coming a potential viral spread of interest could help you increase this as an incremental income source.

Click on the link to get started using Moolala as a tool for incremental income as you seek to be about His business.

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  1. LOLRUS says:

    haha, Moolala also has had 0 deals so far, and there’s no telling as to the effectiveness of their deals yet. I don’t see this as a feasible way to put food on the table in ministry, and definitely not yet. If you can make it work, great. You would be the exception.

  2. almost says:

    Time will tell. Whether or not Moolala turns out to merit anything or not, taking an incremental income approach will be helpful in many fundraising scenarios. As for timing and deals by Moolala, “these are expected to be going up in the next 30 to 45 days.”

    Thanks for your input.

  3. Mark says:

    Almost, Time will indeed tell. I read just this morning a letter from Tony Dale. Two interesting points in quotes,

    “Most of you know that I am a passionate Christian. What relevance does that have to the early stages of a business launch you may ask. My answer would be, “everything!” King Solomon, that wise sage said, “It is the hand of the diligent that makes rich.” However brilliant the concept behind the PayMatrix is, one has to recognize that work is still involved. Most people, even our friends, tend to be skeptical of new ideas to start with. This is classic example of the principle Jesus taught of “Give and it will be given to you!”

    People may wait and see. I think they will see!

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