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It has felt a bit like a soap opera of late. First I write a few posts back about what a difference she is making in a neighbor’s life and then suddenly she turns gravely ill. In fact, there were two different occasions over the course of a week that I thought she wasn’t going to make it.

Strangely enough, all of this drama was over our dog. We have since seen her come through parvo. As a family we prayed a lot and not just a few tears were shed. Thankfully she is back at home and doing well. The vet asked us to keep the pooch calm, help her not to bite or swallow foreign objects and not to let her run free in the yard. I have wanted to call the vet many times and ask her if she has ever been around a 12 week old dog. Sometime this weekend she is supposed to be given her freedom to go and run and explore and dig in the back yard.

Just wanted to let you know the latest as some have known about the illness as we were going through it. (At the same time I promise all readers here that this blog has not just turned into a dog’s tale.)

Also, a quick update on our neighbor is that we continue to have amazing and at times awkward opportunities to be involved in their lives. Good things are happening. Soon the missional pooch will be back in the back yard to wake Gus up at irregular times in the early morning so that he may have opportunity to read more of the gospels. 🙂

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