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Some years ago I traveled a number of states routinely for work reasons. During these travels, one of the darkest cities I visited was Bryan, TX. What I saw of Bryan was a bunch of businesses that had been shuttered and the few that remained were primarily fast-food chains and seedy looking motels. After noticing such a stark contrast in the town I did a bit of investigative driving to see what else I might find on the main streets there. This led me to a high school that had a full-time police presence (this stood in stark contrast with many other Texas schools that may have a police presence for directing traffic at the beginning and end of the day. Close to the school was a large Planned Parenthood center and an abortion clinic.

I don’t presume to know the history of Bryan and whether a spiritual darkness led to leaving visible signs of distress in the city or if the distress in the community led toward spiritual darkness. Regardless, the signs of dysfunction were jarring for me.

A couple of weeks ago I met Karen Hall, the president of CTOMA (Central Texas Orphan Mission Alliance), a faith-based charity which exists to provide medical care for orphans, humanitarian aid, and other assistance for children in other countries and also in the United States. Recently CTOMA purchased part of the space adjoining Planned Parenthood’s facility where they will open the CTOMA charity offices (upstairs in private office space) and provide a community health, screening clinic in this location (downstairs). This will enable them to offer a real choice for women that are seriously considering having an abortion. Their offices are scheduled to open in January 2011.  Thankfully, all building costs have already been covered!

Now CTOMA is in need of a 3D ultrasound to make this work possible, and funding to employ an RN sonographer to keep the free clinic open at least 5 days a week.  They are committed to finding volunteer sonographers for the other day (possibly Saturdays) when Planned Parenthood decides to offer their services on weekends.

Karen explains:
“So we really wish to do the best job possible, providing many services for the women and men.  There should be no reason they would consider abortion when they can be helped by Christians whose only agenda is to be of help to them and their child.  If you can possibly assist us in raising these funds, it will have an eternal impact and change many lives for Christ.  Abortion clinics have closed due to the presence of free ultrasounds next door.  The statistics show that 90% of women will not abort when shown an ultrasound of their baby.”

Please help! Go to CTOMA’s site and help make a difference to impact the lives of many and help advance a process of transformation in Bryan.

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  1. w says:

    Several years ago I had the privilege of serving on the board for a group of children homes that also ran two crisis pregnacy centers. While on the board we were able to purchase untrasounds for both centers.

    It helped to encourage young ladies to make the right choice. In talking with the president, many of these ladies came to know the Lord and even one boy friend was saved!

  2. almost says:

    w – Thanks for sharing!

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