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Celebrating One Year!



I cannot believe that it has already been a year of blogging here. The Almost an M blog has been a healthy exercise for me and, I hope and trust, a worthwhile contribution to the church conversation happening in the west.

In celebration and review, I am listing the 10 days with the most traffic over the past 12 months and the posts that were the primary cause. Based on clicking, here are the top-rated posts:

1. JADED is coming to you and JADED Reviewed – The introduction, launch, and review of “the conference event of the year!?!” (For any who are a touch on the gullible side, I will point out that these posts were done on April 1.)

2. Quick Star Approach – A video clip where a non-believer shares, “I’d like to say something about Christians trying to convert non-Christians.”

3. God’s Stories – Spreading the word about a new video tool that communicates His stories from a middle-Eastern perspective. If you have not seen this before, you need to check it out!

4. London / Paris JetSet Tour Continues – This video clip is from the latest Upstream Collective JetSet tour which I participated in.

5. Farewell Starbucks – A recent post about some life changes and the corresponding missiology that impacts that.

6. Am I crazy? – This has a compelling story and original video piece with Michael Frost about what to I do if a person is frustrated with church as he or she has been experiencing it.

7. Where are you going? – A missiological approach to entering a new place.

8. Six Keys to Save the Church in the West – A review of the key points from Alan Hirsch’s video during The Nines video conference event.

9. The Fight – Here is a touch of story about a fight and a lot of story about our family’s Christmas plans and the discipleship process.

10. Really? – Some quotes from U.S. church. That may not  be a good thing.

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  1. Tim says:

    Man– already a year?? Time flies.

    Loved reading the updates and posts– I really look forward to another great year! 🙂

  2. almost says:

    Thanks Tim. Glad to see how wonderfully your life has changed in the past year.

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