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Why?, How?, or What?


This brief talk has significant implications in both the disciple-making and the church-planting process. Thanks to Larry McCrary, a founder of The Upstream Collective, for alerting me to the video.

To move forward, it is first essential that we identify our Why?, How? and What? Though not the only options, some major options are as follows:

Why? – For glory. But a follow-on that each must wrestle with is whether it is about His glory and/or ours?

How? – Make disciples and/or plant churches. Also may include acts of justice, blogging, writing articles and books, speaking, etc. There is an interesting discussion on this going on at David Fitch’s blog today.

What? – So many options here. Perhaps a point for consideration begins with the video in yesterday’s post.

Are we starting with and maintaining focus on the Why?, the How?, or the What? What are the implications?

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  1. Scott says:

    That is awesome info. I read the Why? How? What? before watching the video and thought the only thing really missing was the Who? I felt that the Why? needed to be replaced with the Who? But after seeing the video I even more believe that what the world misses that is so important is the core circle – Who? The world “gets” so many things the church doesn’t, I believe, because the church often fails to keep the Who? central. Then fails in the Why? from not keeping the Who? Ultimately everything is out-of-balance.

  2. almost says:

    Scott, I’m with you. The Why? for Christ-followers, by definition, is the Who?. Personally, I know that it is easy to get out-of-balance as I deal with the affairs of the world.

    Interjecting one-word questions into sentences makes for some interesting punctuation. (smile)

    Thanks for sharing.

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