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Filmed in an undisclosed location for security reasons, the God’s Stories videos are simply brilliant in a number of ways. This video series makes a visual chronological storying of the stories that teach us about who God is and man’s relation to Him for Arabic speaking people. Additionally, the materials are to be translated into other dialects and languages as well.

Conceived as the G2 (GII) Project as it could have an enormous, transformational impact in the world similar to what Gutenberg’s press had some 6 centuries ago. In Arabic “with native born directors, production people, and designs,” the videos make His story available for those that previously have been unable to read these Spirit-breathed stories. The executive producer, John Dorr, describes the videos as “a set of dramatized Bible character stories developed on a foundation of storytelling – and telling them in the order they happen. These stories begin at the beginning with Adam & Eve, and move on through the Old & New Testament on to the Beloved Apostle, John on Patmos.”

At this time, the film-makers are trying to increase distribution. Toward that end, help spread the word. These life-changing videos are now being viewed in homes and some places of prayer for Arabic-speaking peoples.

I would recommend that you consider using these as a very fresh look at the God stories as they are told for a non-western audience. Spending some quiet time watching these stories may provide some new understanding of how these stories speak to us. (I would encourage you to watch at least the first 20 minutes to get a taste of how the story is told and the different perspective employed as it is told by Arab speakers for an Arabic people.)

Finally, enjoy and pray that these video stories would not return void. Also, I would encourage you to visit the God’s stories site or the corresponding YouTube channel where videos are being uploaded now.

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