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Sex Trafficking & Organized Crime


Sex trafficking globally generates $58,000,000,000. That is 58 BILLION dollars. This is some 6 times more money than the entire U.S. movie industry’s annual ticket sales. The sex slave trade produces a staggering  and escalating amount of revenue with trafficking being the fastest growing industry in the criminal world. With that, the number of lives being stolen silently is a staggering 2,500,000 victims. That is more people in slavery in 2010 than the populations of Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming combined.

Currently, Anne Jackson, author and blogger, is working with a group to raise awareness on the sex trafficking plight of so many. She is traveling in Eastern Europe finding and telling the stories from the area where two-thirds of the 2.5 million victims are snatched. Please check out her stories and links as she shines the light on this dark reality. Also, for more information on the facts, go here. (Thanks to Justin Long for the link.)

While this topic is not the normal fare on my blog, it fits rather well, I believe, with what Michael Frost shares about the purpose of the church in the latest video I posted. As the church declares the reign of God by showing kindness and helping to restore shattered lives, it begins to look very much like Christ. Feel free to leave your thoughts on how this plight and the church should or does intersect.

Finally, I am including a video that journalist Misha Glenny delivered at the  TED conference this past year. Though a bit lengthy, it gives a broad overview of today’s organized crime world and the challenges facing the world today. It helps give understanding on how sex trafficking and other crimes on such a global scale is possible.

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  2. almost an M says:

    Be sure to check out this link to see what is happening in one community to take action to address the issue of sex trafficking. Thanks Michael for the link and for what you are a part of there.


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