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Last month I had the privilege of spending some time with Michael Frost and his lovely wife. One of the primary reasons for this time was to shoot some video for an upcoming project…more on that in the future, but it will be great! During the video shoot with all of the normal professional video gear, I plopped a little Flip Video cam up to capture some of the content and make it available sooner and to this audience. The upside is the videos will be made available in short clips over the upcoming weeks. The downside is that there were constraints on the editing that can be done which impacts the audio a bit. Also, it required some creative video editing that gives Frost a bit of an angelic appearance. Perhaps that’s not such a bad thing. (smile)

In this first piece he identifies some of the problems faced and insights available for those that have been about disciple-making and church-planting in cultures that are a little further down the road of secularization and appearing more and more as a post-Christian context. At this point, let me make a brief plug for readers to consider the issue of disorientation that is facilitated by being involved in international and/or cross-cultural engagement.

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  1. C. Holland says:

    So true! It’s striking here in Western Europe, and so many Christians in the States do not see that this is coming. I remember during fundraising that I described to one person the “post-Christian” nature of our mission field, then made the statement “…which is where we’re unfortunately heading here in the States.” The look I got was as if I had belted out a bunch of profanities and blasphemies. And the response I got was, “Excuse ME, but America is a CHRISTIAN nation!”

  2. almost says:

    Your story here made me smile outwardly and wince inwardly at the same time.

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