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State of Trust?


Trust is essential. It is the core of relationships. It plays an integral part in developing one’s worldview. Ultimately, it is the ┬ácall of Christ.

Much has been made of working in a post-Christian context. Research made public today indicates trust levels in a context that is far down this road. There is much to be learned from this study in Moscow that is relevant to work there, in other European urban centers, and in other contexts where the influence of the church is waning. While I will be posting more on this in the near future, I will share this graphic indicating trust levels of religious groups. The report is available on the resources page of this site or for direct download here.

Feel free to add your thoughts, feedback, and analysis to the research here in this post. I look forward to a healthy discussion that has practical ramifications.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Very interesting. I just had a chance to scan the information. Can’t wait to sit and take a hard look. So far, I would say there are no real surprises. Basically, my experience coincides with the data.

  2. Tim says:

    Same here. Great article, and pretty significant information. But it’s right on with the friends we’ve talked with here in Moscow.

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