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Why is a multi-site video venue format synonymous with imported preaching? Is it thinkable to have the worship be piped in and the preaching live? What if each campus had it’s own live music and preaching, but the announcements were fed in via video to help the church be on the same page?

Feel free to share your thoughts. There must be a good reason for the way things are or perhaps there are stories out there that are not well known.

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  1. Rob Bell recently discussed the long term implications of video venues here: http://www.outofur.com/archives/2010/02/rob_bell_on_the_1.html

    Some of his comments were not what I suspected like:

    “Video is not church.”

    “I don’t think we know yet what the long-term impact will be on disciple-making.”

    “There is something more powerful than simply beaming yourself into other locations, and that is raising up disciples. . .”

    I just don’t think churches that set up video venues are considering the long term implications. In a rush to “grow” they are taking short cuts to disciple making.

    I think the underlying problem is that we have allowed the Sunday gathering do the organizing of the church rather than God’s mission (e.g., Hirsch’s definition of the missional church). What I mean is that when mission organizes all the other functions of the church, then worship becomes a daily activity rather than a weekly one; discipleship happens as the church engages in missional activity and reflecting biblically on that activity rather than being consigned to study groups and sermons; and community is built by committing to the common task of God’s mission in the world.

    All of that to say, that relying on video makes mission null and void because mission is something you do with people not something you do to people.

  2. kylegoen says:

    Almost M,
    Thanks for asking the questions. You raise good points about the other elements of a worship service for the “gathered.”

    It sounds like Bell has a faulty view of what church is if all he speaks of is the communicator and equating video to church. Let’s remember that video is a tool in making disciples, whether it is in a “gathered” worship service or a small group gathering in a home watching Stetzer’s “Sent” materials. They are all tools to help in disciple making.

    I believe people are worried about the church being a “sent people” and overly stressing about what the church “gathered” is listening to as the main teaching time as if this is the only element in “church” or disciple making.
    What is happening in small groups?
    Are they mobilizing in their respective communities?
    Are the “sent” people living missionally in their spheres of influence?
    Are people coming to the “gathered” submitting to Christ and then influencing their friends toward Christ?
    Are the “sent” serving the needs of the body, community and the nations?

    If these aren’t happening/functioning in a “multi-site video venue” then you have the a problem. Just like you have a problem in a “new missional church plant” when these things are not happening/functioning.

    The issues are more involved than the lead pastor/communicator/teacher/campus pastor…whatever you want to call him. Whether they are live in the room or on a video screen if people are not functioning as the body there are problems.

    You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

  3. Scott says:

    Wow, the first comments are really deep compared to my first thoughts.

    “Peter and Paul didn’t do it that way!” and or the good old more acceptable standard “we just don’t do things that way around here”.

    Video or live person, seems to me, to boil down to mostly habit. It is how I like things to be. Maybe a good illustration of the “good” we have done in established churches.

    I read in this cool book general ideas that church and worship are not about me as the audience. I think it is called worship in some circles. Kind of an idol thing for some and exaltation of a person’s Lord and Savior for a few.

    I really want to go crazy with this, but will hold my typing fingers.

    Oh, maybe not every pastor is called and gifted to preach. Is it possible that God only wants a few pastors to preach and all to serve. Maybe “feed my sheep” doesn’t always mean getting the accolades and ego boost of the flock sitting at the edge of their seats enthralled every Sunday.

    Everything must be about HIM!!!

  4. Grady Bauer says:

    I like your idea of piping in the announcements…..we could launch a business that does that and get booths at various conferences. 🙂

  5. almost says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. Not implying I have the answer here, but I thunked it might be a good question. Now Grady we may need to talk about an opportunity to make some money….

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