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Velocity Quotes


Here are a few quotes from presenters today at the churchplanters.com Velocity conference.

  1. “We have to assume now that all mission is cross-cultural.”  ~ Alan H
  2. “It’s not that the church has a mission, but the mission has a church.”  ~ Alan Hirsch
  3. (Speaking about planting churches,) “I’m not even sure what we are trying to do the world wants.”  ~ Shawn Lovejoy
  4. “If you do church to reach church, then you’ll reach somebody else’s Christians.”  ~ Hugh Halter
  5. “The [Christian story] is a peasant’s movement.”  ~ Hugh Halter
  6. “…community has to be the witness now.”  ~ Hugh Halter
  7. “You cannot sell a Christendom approach to a post-Christian world. They are anti-Christian.”  ~ Alan Hirsch
  8. “Go among the people. Don’t assume you know what church looks like.”  ~ Alan Hirsch
  9. “You plant the gospel. You don’t plant churches.”  ~ Alan Hirsch
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  2. Grady Bauer says:

    good quotes…enjoyed the time, it was fun

  3. Scott Wood says:

    Alan Hirsch looks like he is worth looking into. Glad to hear some leaders are open to the real world in a Godly way.

  4. rodneycalfee says:

    A few more to add to the conversation:

    Missiology is not a subset of ecclesiology; missiology produces ecclesiology. – Alan Hirsch

    People are always drawn to the Good News. If people aren’t drawn to your church, it’s not their fault, it’s yours. You have not yet captured and presented Good News to them. – Hugh Halter

    When planting churches, if you grow crazy fast, you are not reaching the culture, you are transferring Christians. – Hugh Halter

    You can impress people from afar. You can only impact people up close. – Dave Gibbons

    We should put on our own conference about… – Grady Bauer, AlmostM

    That last one is my favorite. I’d come.

  5. almost says:

    Grady – it was great to be together. Thanks!

    Scott – yes, Alan Hirsch is very worth checking into. Here is a link that gives an outline of his foundational work to date. http://almostm.com/2009/09/six-keys-to-save-the-church-in-the-west/

    Rodney – thank you for the additions. And yes, this conference has to happen. I look forward to seeing you there! It was great to be able to hang together for a bit.

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