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From time to time I will be posting some things I have heard or read from U.S. church and those related to it that may be worth a rethink. What are your thoughts?

Billboard ad for a church:
“Unlike any other church you have ever seen.”

Mega church pastor:
“Pray and ask God to do big things this weekend.”

Heard from multiple pastors:
It’s not the pastor’s job to win the lost. His role is to equip the believers.

“I don’t do lost people.”

(This is the second post of this type. See “Say what?” for more.)

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  1. Grady Bauer says:

    I always love the overused….
    (insert church name)…a church for real people

    I guess this applies to areas that have synthetic people and robots.

  2. Jeff says:

    I passed a church recently that had a reader board out front with service times posted. It said:
    Relevant Worship: 9:30
    Blended Worship: 11:00

    Kinda’ begs the question, “who would want to go to the irrelevant blended worship?”

    Honestly, I’m not sure how relevant anything we do in our church buildings really is to non-believers. And another honest question in my heart these days, “Should it be relevant to the non-believer?”

  3. almost says:

    You guys have me laughing this morning. Thanks for sharing!

    Made me think that we may headed toward what the grocery store has become with cereal, toothpaste, and so many other products. It’s all about letting the customer choose what taste, fat %, etc. fits their preference and lifestyle.

  4. Here is a local church sign you will LOVE:

    Fundamental, King James only, Family church.

    Don’t think I belong to or in that family 😉

  5. almost says:

    Sounds like they must be huge Lebron fans. (smile)

  6. Scott Wood says:

    Wow, seems like too frequently the intent to be catchy gets in the way of being true. Or are churches really that far off base? Scary to consider the true answer to this question.

  7. almost says:

    Thanks for stopping by Scott. Always good to see you.

  8. C. Holland says:

    I’ve seen a LOT of churches use this in their sign or phone book ad: “the FRIENDLY church”. It tells me one of two things, either they’re insinuating that being a friendly church is rare/all others are unfriendly, or that they used to have the reputation as the UNFRIENDLY church. Either way, it’s always made me suspicious as several I’ve attended that used this phrase have actually been the most rude!

    And the missionary quote is just awful, but perhaps they thought mission work was confined to building schools and handing out bowls of food?

  9. almost says:

    C. Holland,
    Sorry for late response. Wanted to share that I visited a church (this has actually happened to me twice) where the preacher spoke at length about needing to be a friendly church… We walked out without anyone saying a word to us.

  10. Kris says:

    Two different churches on the same street on the same day:

    The tagline right under the name of the church simply said: “Preaching – Music – Events”.

    The other church had a banner that said, “Fishing Like Jesus” and had a rod and reel background.

    Yes, I live in the South.

  11. AJ says:

    There is always something to be criticized about any church. I find it to be rare that someone offers an alternative. Sadly I don’t find re-thinking or real-thinking (that was the invitation above) in these comments either. I long for people who offer alternatives, fresh ideas…

  12. almost says:

    Kris, thanks for sharing. I like it.

    AJ, thanks for your comment. Sorry you do not feel that anyone is offering alternatives. I disagree, however. Offering alternatives has been a significant part of the objective of my posts here for the last year. In addition, I have pointed to several that are facilitating a healthy conversation (Hirsch, Frost, Dukes, etc.) about this as well as a blog roll of others that are involved in the conversation.

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