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Even with minimal observation, the reality is clear. The world is coming to your door. In fact, they are already here.

  • According to a 2007 edition of the New York Times, “Nonwhites now make up a majority in almost one-third of the most populous counties in the country and in nearly one in 10 of all 3,100 countries” (Another Man’s Sombrero).
  • DHS estimates that the illegal immigrant population grew by 27% between 2000 and 2009 (HS: Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population: January 2009).
  • Estimates of permanent expatriates residing in the U.S. legally allow for half of those to have achieved their legal status since 2000 (HS: Estimates of the Legal Permanent Resident Population in 2008).

While a significant percentage of the foreign residents are from Mexico, the reality is that the spectrum of nations are here. Personally, I see them in all my travels in various cities and states. They are patrons at Starbucks coffee and Cici’s pizza.

The significant growth of foreign residents in the U.S. are one significant reason that the U.S. church must begin to “think and act like a missionary.” The implications are mutliple. One major issue the church must address is the issue of how will we choose to pursue or avoid relationship with select ethnic groups that have not assimilated into a more homogenous U.S. culture.

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  1. Scott Wood says:

    Add to this reality that many short-term residents in America are more likely, I haven’t done the research to know exactly how much, to become Christians and take it back with them to their native countries.
    But if these new believers only become “good” in America it is likely they will do little to become “great” when back home.

  2. almost says:

    Agreed Scott. There are many that are taking trips home every one or two years. How great would it be if they could take the gospel back also.

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