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Enormous Loss


Just a few weeks ago, all was fine for the [Smith] family. Important things included all of the mundane things such as what’s for dinner and the like. Then the headaches began for Mrs. Smith. And they grew more intense. About a week after they started, she was visibly shaking and had to sit down while with others at worship. The next Tuesday an MRI revealed a tumor behind her ear. On Thursday, she went into surgery. She never woke up. She never was able to hug and bless or be blessed by her husband and 3 young children again on this side of heaven.

Today is the day for Mrs. Smith’s burial. Family and friends are mourning and will continue to do so. Life is forever changed for the family and it will continue to be hard for some time.

This serves as a reminder for me and my family about the brevity of life. May we embrace everyday all of the blessings the Lord grants us.

Upon learning of ┬áMrs. Smith’s passing, we prayed as a family for the Smith family that are having to deal with the tragic loss. My youngest prayed, “Lord, I pray you have a wonderful time with Mrs. Smith.” I am sure that He is doing so with her now with Him in heaven. May we daily do the same with the loved ones around us here on the earth.

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  1. Greg in Mexico says:

    Three weeks ago my wife lost complete hearing in her left ear. We went to an ENT specialist who told her that there was a possibility of a brain tumor so we had an MRI done, which, thank God, revealed that she doesn’t have a tumor. However, she has lost 100% of her hearing in her right ear which has been difficult but is nothing when compared to what the [Smith] family has gone through. Our prayers are with them.

  2. almost says:

    I am sorry about the difficult time you and your wife are going through right now, yet I rejoice with you that it wasn’t a tumor. Thank you for your prayers at this time. The family desperately needs them.

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