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The story continues…


gift2Disjointed and missing everyone’s expectations, our Christmas journey this year was more than adequate. We enjoyed and struggled with 14 inches of snow on Christmas Eve. This was the day that we continued to live out the story and relationships which began months ago and was introduced in a previous entry entitled¬†The Fight. The “Jones” family came over to join us for lunch and to open some of the presents our extended family had purchased for them. During our time we were able to share both a Christmas meal and family stories as well as reflect on the story and hope of Christmas.

gift1Following the meal, as the Jones were leaving, we noticed a flat rear tire. After airing it up, we determined that the tire would not hold air long enough to make it home. So venturing into the blizzard in a 4×4 we purchased a new tire while serving others to free them from being stuck in snow and ice. It was great to have the father and son be a part of serving others that were in even more immediate need at that particular moment.

With the new tire mounted, we saw them off after towing them through the snow and ice out of the neighborhood. The following day we had the privilege of clearing snow from the drive so we could make the trek back to Dallas to be with other family and to continue the mission of Christmas and our family discipleship.

gift3Yesterday we had another family seeking to disciple their children join us to host a Hispanic family that is also experiencing great need. Through our time with the “Lopez” family over the past months we have seen the mom make Christ her Lord. Since that time, the four children have been observing and processing the gospel.

gift4We shared lunch and gave Christmas presents. The fellowship and fun later turned into an impromptu Little Caesar’s pizza dinner. It was during this second meal while taking in some of the Dallas Cowboys’ game that the dad was able to hear the good news for the first time. Though he was not ready to believe, he did initiate a hug with me and the other dad that shared the day and his family with him and his family. We continued to learn and will continue to teach. The good news made more sense to the shepherds when they could see and touch it and the same holds true today.

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